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We not only dream of a world of respect, acceptance, and empowerment for all children and their families. We’re creating it.

Reframing Disability is an uplifting, supportive, and educational space for families raising children with developmental delay, disability or medical needs. It’s a community made by families, for families.

And as families of children with disability, we’ve felt all the emotions you’re feeling now. So whether you’re just starting out on your journey, or you’re at a point of transition in your child’s life, know that we get it. And we’ve got you.


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Every family journey is unique and full of beautiful unknowns. And no journey needs to be travelled alone.

Our team is across best practice, evidence-based approaches to supporting children with disability. Our free programs, reliable resources and incredible bunch of like-minded families can help you better understand what it means to have a child with disability or medical need – in all its joys and challenges.

We’re here to help you navigate the health, childcare and school systems, access available support, link up with other families on their own unique path, celebrate the wins and talk through every late-night question and worry. Trust us, we’ve had all those too.

Through workshops & webinars, resources, stories and peer connections & support, we empower families to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence for their child and family to thrive.

We’re super passionate about all children and families living their best lives and discovering a future full of possibility.

Let our experience be your guide.  

Our mission

Empower families to empower children to become leaders of their own lives.

Our vision

A world built on respect, acceptance, and empowerment for children with disability, their caregivers and families.

I just wanted to thankyou for what you are doing. It was wonderful to come across a page that is so positive! I get so overwhelmed and depressed with so many groups but this one has really helped and encouraged me. Thank you.

Guiding principles

Family leadership

Where every family member can build positive relationships and use their strength, resilience, and agency to create the kind of life they want to live.

Positive psychology

A scientific study of what makes life worth living. Focuses on those thoughts, feelings and behaviours that promote strength and wellbeing.


An approach that shifts the focus away from deficits to a space where an individual is seen for what they can do.


Where each person is respected, and their differences are recognised as different, not less than.

Social Model of Disability

Where disability is framed as the result of an environment filled with physical, attitudinal, and social barriers, rather than a failure on an individual’s part.


An understanding that parents know their children best. This approach fosters an equal partnership between professionals and family members, where caregivers can make decisions and build their capacity.

Rights based

Protecting the rights and dignity of people. Where we all take every possible action so that children with disabilities can enjoy all human rights and freedoms equally.


Where the leadership team and key stakeholders are also caregivers of children with disability, developmental delay or medical need.

A word from our community

“This is my protected timeslot. It is saved in my calendar and my partner knows that this is a non-negotiable for me. I have learnt so much from everyone in the group and I love being able to share and help other parents.” 

I just wanted to thankyou for what you are doing. It was wonderful to come across a page that is so positive! I get so overwhelmed and depressed with so many groups but this one has really helped and encouraged me. Thank you.

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